Who is Joanna?


Joanna Bloor, Belief Agent for the Brave & Curious

I believe that every decision about you and your career is made in a room that you are not in. 

I am here today because of many decisions made in rooms I wasn’t in. Sometimes I was offered my dream job; sometimes I was shown the door. In each case, it was the story about me, and what I was known for, that impacted the result.

As a former 20-year veteran of the startup space, helping build and lead companies including OpenTable, CBS Interactive and Pandora, the question How do people respond to you? has been an integral part of my journey. 

This journey came to a head in 2016 where, at the TED 2016 Conference, I asked the person standing next to me what she was known for. I then promptly told her, a Microsoft executive, that her answer was boring. It was! I expected her to get angry with me, instead, she called me two weeks later saying, "I need you to talk to my team about this idea." A month later I was in Redmond, WA working with her team. It was there that I realized I had a gift: the ability to talk to anyone and in a few moments craft a compelling, unique and authentic way to introduce themselves.

Watching Kathy, my first "live-coaching" volunteer in Redmond, go from self-doubt to self-belief was one of the most rewarding and impactful experiences of my life. 

This is why I'm here. It's about you and it's about them too. My philosophy?

  1. Articulate why they're awesome
  2. Share in a way that works for them
  3. Believe in them

It’s the combination of all three that help people articulate why they are awesome, because when they do we all win.


TED 2018 
I uncover why you’re awesome. Then show you how to share with others why you’re awesome. It’s in doing both that others let you BE your awesome self.
It’s magic.
— Joanna Bloor