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So you’ve walked through a door. This is where the fun begins to start. We all think we know ourselves, but we’re going to ask you some questions to get you thinking.

And guess what? This is your first challenge, so that means we are going to start asking you to do things. Remember these shouldn’t take a long time or be hard. We hope you’ll find them to be interesting.

This week we want you to benchmark what you’re known for. How? You’re going to ask at least 1 person who knows you professionally for 5 words to describe you professionally. You can do this through email, during a hallway conversation, keep it curious and open.

And yes, of course, you can ask more than one person. We once had someone ask 80+ people. She had a pretty fabulous day.

Couple of quick tips to get the best results:

  • Spread your asks across various levels/groups including:

    • People who report into you

    • People you report into (yes, it’s a GREAT idea to ask your boss)

    • Mentors

    • People in other departments

    • People more senior to you in other departments

  • Try not to ask your besties, family, and friends. Strangely it’s your 2nd tier connections that have more influence.

  • Remember to write down who said what. We’re going to be coming back to these answers in the future.

Remember to go into this exercise with an open mind and remember there are no wrong answers. 

What are you’re five words? Text us back with the words that describe you professionally. We’re super curious!



 “I was smart enough to go through any door that opened.” - Joan Rivers