Joanna’s 50th Birthday Challenge

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Did you know Joanna’s Birthday is this month?

And it’s not just any old birthday, she’s turning 50. This is a biggie!

Instead of gifts or warm wishes, she's asking you to recommend someone else on LinkedIn.

There is nothing more validating than receiving a LinkedIn recommendation from someone you respect. Think about how much you are making their day! So, go write a killer LinkedIn recommendation for someone who you think is awesome.

Don’t forget, you’re not just limited to one. Write 20 if you feel like it!


What does a good LinkedIn recommendation look like? We thought you’d never ask!

  1. A great recommendation talks about how this person thinks

  2. It talks about what makes them unique

  3. It also talks about the value of what they do

  4. Did she/he accomplish anything momentous when you were working together?

  5. Does she/he have a special skill?

  6. What does she/he want to be known for? Highlight that!