The Awesomesauce Equation

The Awesomesauce Equation

Do you know what makes your people awesome?

I’ve talked at length about why it’s important to be able to articulate your particular awesome. Yes, you have one. Trust me on this. Just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s the high level. There are things you’re good at; it’s why you’re awesome.

  • You like doing the things you’re good at because it’s fun for you.
  • People should know what you’re good at; often they don’t.
  • People choose you because you’re good at what they need you to do.
  • You get to DO what you’re good at, so you’re happy.
  • The person who asked for your help/work gets the job done by a happy person.
  • Bottom line - everyone wins.

Simple right?

Value + delivered value = Everyone wins.

I know, it’s never that simple. That’s why, at this very moment, I’m sitting in an airport lounge about to hop on a LOOOONG flight to Singapore to chat with a room full of formidable folks about why they’re awesome.

Step back for a second to think about the other person who might care about why you are awesome: your boss. Is there an opportunity and/or responsibility for your boss to take responsibility or have a part in this equation? Of course, there is. No surprises there. Play along with an example for a second.

You have a team of people working for you. You think they’re awesome. Do you know what they’re individually really great at doing?

My guess is you’re probably nodding and saying, “Absolutely yes, it’s part of my job.” Before you get too sure, I’d like you to consider the following questions:

  • Is what you think someone is great at aligned with what the individual thinks she’s great at? Have you checked that you’re in alignment recently?
  • When you talk about someone’s contribution, is your language about them unique, compelling, and authentic? Aren’t you the person in that proverbial room making decisions about her? Shouldn’t you be making darn sure you’re telling the right story about her?
  • Have you told these individuals why you think they’re great in a unique, bold, authentic and compelling way recently? Have you recognized them for their unique awesome in a way that’s meaningful to them?

I’d suggest you only need to answer one of those questions with a “no” for it to be a potential problem. The number one reason someone leaves a role is that she doesn’t feel like her work matters. She doesn’t feel seen.

I’m not talking about the “trophies for everyone!” attitude. I’m talking about having as much care about a person’s awesome as you are with her opportunity to grow and improve. Put yourself in your team’s shoes for a moment. If your manager wasn’t clear about your unique and valuable contribution to the team, would you feel like you mattered to her?

Now, remember how you feel when you do matter to someone.

Find out how each member of your team is amazing. Figure out how they can manifest this amazing as part of their role. They get to do the work that they’re great at. They do great stuff. Everyone is happy. Everyone wins again!

Recognized Value + Delivered Value = Everyone wins.

The equation works both ways.

Have I inspired you to have a conversation with your team members about why they’re uniquely awesome? It’s not too late.

When things aren't so awesome

When things aren't so awesome

You did good.