All in Be Brave / Bold

On Trying Something New

When working with clients, Joanna asks them to do something they've never done before, to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. We forget how much we suck at things at the beginning and going from not knowing to knowing something is half the fun. Try something new and practice!

Do you give up too soon?

Having the perfect introduction isn’t enough to land an interview. You need tenacity too. Joanna tells of a women who didn’t let unanswered emails get in the way of a job application. Being a solution to a problem + tenacity = getting to be part of the consideration set.

Toothpaste Moments

Joanna tells the story of her toothpaste moment and the community that grew from sharing their foibles. We live in a world where the expectation is 100% perfection 100% of the time. Joanna suggests that sharing our mistakes with our team builds connections, trust, and eventually a comfortable arena to share ideas.

If you date a job, one day there will be a break up.

Joanna reminds us that you date a job, you don't marry it. But what do you do when the relationship ends? There will be an emotional reaction. Be ready for both and plan accordingly. Don’t forget that you’ve built a great relationship with your boss over the years and she actually cares about you as a person, very much. So give everyone a break because breakups are hard.

Sorry, It's fixed. Here's why it won't happen again.

Mistakes happen. It’s what you do next that matters. Joanna asked her network what kind of response they would want from an employee a "sorry" or an explanation why. Joanna and most agree that the best response to a mistake is: 1. Sorry, 2. It's fixed. 3. Here's why it won't happen again. 4. Context. Don't forget to share this method with your team too.

You're always making investments

Joanna shared her ideas about women's hesitation and lack of practice in asking with Elisa Camahort Page. Elisa's insights included the idea of investment. The investment of time, energy, and emotion to garner the courage to ask is at a higher level for a woman than it is for a man. What do you think?

Finding Support on the Skinny Branches

"I need a pep talk." This simple, heartfelt sentence opened the powers of a strong, brave, brilliant tribe. Joanna admits to being out on the skinny branches of life and the need people to surround herself with like-minded women. Brave women who tenuously balance while eagerly reaching out and trying not to fall. The tribe, HiPower, reminds Joanna that she is not alone.

Who's making what decision in which room?

Part of the fun for me in putting ideas and questions out to this #ladybadass community are the conversations following. It’s rare for me not to get pulled into a discussion around a question I posed or a theory I’m developing. Once in a while, I ask people to share their thoughts and ideas back with you. Meet Cindy Barry and her take on "Do you stay in a role longer than you should for the sake of the team?"

Bespoke Bubbles

Joanna accepted an invitation to a meeting with leading thought leaders that had no agenda and unknown participants. She left pleasantly surprised and came up with two lessons 1. Say yes to undefined opportunities & 2. We have language bubbles that keep the conversation within barriers. As usual, she offers you challenges: take risks and step into someone else's bespoke bubble to learn something new and amazing.