What were you great at when you were 10?

Your 10-year-old self was wonderful. And while yes, the voice of self-doubt was beginning to rear its ugly head, it hadn’t taken hold. You were passionate, brave, curious, bold, and all the other amazing words we are when we are our best selves. And isn’t that 10-year-old person still inside you? I know mine is.

What was I best at then? I never got lost. I always knew where we were going. I could see the pathways ahead. Pretty much like now.

I asked that same question to a room full of amazing women at the Content Asia Summit in Singapore. Since my last missive, I had the marvelous opportunity to fly halfway around the world to share my ideas with a brand new audience. I could go on for pages about the city, the weather, and the lovely people I met there, but I must share the surprise learning for me. I might be helpful to you too.

As you know, I help people figure out how to articulate in a bold, compelling, unique, and authentic way how and why they are awesome. You also know that if I asked you right now “why are you awesome?” many of you would pause or stumble.

I’ve learned from continually asking this larger question that people have a difficult time articulating their awesome. They either can’t put the words together or are just unable to see that thing that makes them uniquely amazing. Many responses fall along the lines of: “I’m really good at getting things done,” or “I’m really good at connecting with people.” Cross both those items off the list immediately! (Shameless plug: If you want to know why come to a workshop! Better yet, host one.)

It’s my goal, when I’m running a workshop, to get each and every person in the room to be able to articulate their awesome. Therefore, having a room full of people look at me with pained and blanks stares, is not productive. Instead, I ask: “What were you great at when you were 10?”

The leap you must take is recognizing that often skills you were great at when you were 10, you’re still great at now.

More likely than not, you’re even better at it now. That skill, whatever it is, is so easy for you that it’s like breathing. So simple for you that you can’t imagine it’s a challenge for anyone else. It’s unique, and it’s you.

So that thing you were great at 10-years-old? It’s part of what makes you awesome. Now let’s just learn how to share it with others.


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