I'm not funny. I'm just brave - Lucille Ball

I'm not funny. I'm just brave - Lucille Ball

Do you remember the word I decided was going to be my “word of the year” this year? BOLD.I’m a little over a month in and have learned some lessons along the way. I thought I’d share them with you and see if you were inspired to create your own word. There’s no rule stating you can only do this on January 1st.

Lesson 1 - Being intentional with something new takes effort.

I’m surprised by how often I have to remind myself that I’m supposed to be bold. Every time I have an interaction, I find myself asking myself the question, “Is there an opportunity to be bold here?” I wonder if anyone has built an “Intention reminder app,” it would be great for my phone to ping me at random times and nudge me into boldness. Where might you need a nudge?

Lesson 2 - Asking myself to be bold is making me have a serious conversation with my inner critic.

I had a teacher at my last job, Antonia Galindo,who shared with me the idea of the “Itty bitty shitty committee.” It’s that imaginary jerk that perches on your shoulder and tells you “no” or “you’re not good enough” or “who do you think you are?” or my personal favorite “they will judge you if you do that.” By bumping up against my inner fears on a regular basis, I’m also getting regular practice at shutting up my I.B.S.C., something I’ve struggled with for years. Do you?

Lesson 3 - I find myself asking people around me to be bold. One is the loneliest number.


I never want to be alone in what I’m doing. It’s more fun with friends, right? I’m fairly well known for winding people up around an idea and playing bigger. This particular skill has the added power of “If I’m doing it, you should too.” If you’re in need of a little courage come hang out with me, I’ll include you in my Bold Bandwagon.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to go and be bold yourself. Maybe you can help me with how I’m trying to manifest my bold. I’ve set the BOLD goal of inspiring 100,000 people to create their Personal Value Proposition in 2017. That’s ten times the number of people I reached last year.

I’ve inspired and motivated people at conferences (Dreamforce), internally at companies (Cartier, Microsoft), for Non-Profits (Leading Women in Technology), and even private events.

It’s all about bold impact folks. If you want to know more, just drop me a line.


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