Staying to Protect the Team

I have a question for all the people managers out there. Have you stayed in a job because of the people? A job you know you need to leave, but you just can’t quit the amazing people. “My boss is a tool but my people are fabulous. I can’t leave them.” I’ve heard this sentence or something like it more times than I can count.

Have you endured a lousy boss because you want to protect or can’t leave the people on your team?

I know I have.

This topic came up while talking with my ladybadass friends recently. Several of them recounted the same scenario:

Atrocious boss + extraordinary people → Difficulty leaving

It got me wondering. Is this a pattern with women leaders or is just a sign of someone who’s a cool person?

I know the whole reason someone leaves a job is complicated and much more than just a dreadful boss. In my situation, when I stayed to “protect” my team for a long time, I believed it was the right thing to do for them. I knew then, as I know now, that it certainly wasn’t the right thing to do professionally for me.

Watching others, however, I’ve started to reconsider.

  • Was the decision I made then actually the right one?
  • If I’d made the best decision for me, would my team have actually been “harmed” as I thought they would?
  • Was I just afraid of change and the future by playing out the professional equivalent of “staying for the kids”?

This then leads me to wonder, is this a gender thing or am I in a bubble because of my constant contact these days with ladybadasses?

I’d love for you to help me out in diversifying my thoughts. I’ve put a little survey below (1 minute, tops) for both managers and non-managers. There’s even a spot for you to share your story too.

I’m asking because I’m swimming in the space of gender, awesomeness, and why you professionally matter. I see a pattern; however, I might be wrong. I need validation with real-life information.

If my hypothesis is even slightly correct, then there’s an interesting conversation to have.

Want to participate? Click here.

Curious as always. I hope this made you think too.

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