Hello all!

Let us start with a little story…

In the summer of 1984, Joanna moved from England to Texas. She was fifteen and the layers of “new” she encountered were constant and vacillated between terrifying and hilarious. To paint a little bit of a picture, in her school experience alone, she went from what can only be described as “Hogwarts without boys or magic” to “Friday Night Lights.” Everything she understood from how a school day worked to what she should wear to what she could say changed.

Roll forward to 2019 where Joanna found herself on a boat in the Venice canals. During the boat ride, other than oohing and aaahing at the vistas, Jonna was catching up with the brother of one of her oldest friends. 

Joanna had known them both since she was about seven, so the brother had known her and her shenanigans for a while. He commented at one point about how impressed he was by Joanna’s confidence in jumping into the fray of new. “How was it,” he asked, “that she had the confidence to charge towards the scary?”

Because Joanna has had lots of practice.

She went on to explain to him about her first year in Texas and how she’d learned that putting herself out there could not only be fun, but hugely rewarding. Frankly, Joanna chalks up a significant amount of her professional success on walking through doors that scare her.

Now let’s get things straight here. Joanna also has that inner voice. That rude one who’s unbelievably good at saying the perfect thing to put doubt in her mind. But because of Texas and multiple launches into the weird and different, Joanna has had practice in telling the voice to go away. Her inner voice has learned that she’s going to do the thing anyway. It doesn’t mean that the voice is not there to begin with though.

So how do you practice without moving halfway around the world and turning your life upside down? This comes to this week’s challenge:

  1. Go grab a notebook you can carry around for the next 7 days.

  2. Each day we want you to write down in your notebook the date and what you’re going to do. We’re talking about a small totally doable thing. Like go ask someone in another department for coffee, or send someone who wouldn’t expect it a thank you note, or sign up for a networking event. Small things.

  3. At the end of each day, we want you to write down what happened. Just a couple of sentences.

That’s it. Simple right?

Just do this for seven days for now. Commit to that. Yes, of course we want you to go longer, as long as you can. Make this a habit. But for now, all we ask for is seven days.

Here’s where this seven-day exercise is going to help you in the future.



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