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What’s included in the $500 Makeover?

  1. A unique, compelling, authentic way to talk about you and why you’re awesome.

  2. $200 Additional goodies included

    1. 1 year free membership in the “Amplify Me” program

    2. $100 discount on additional 30 min coaching calls + access to private scheduling link.

    3. Choice of 1 Free AmplificationToolkit to support your individual goal.

  3. Personalized prep work based on your unique situation and needs.

  4. Individualized follow up plan based on your goals.

  5. Simple sign up. Click the button above. Tell us your situation, purchase and you’ll immediately be able to schedule your appointment right there and then. Appointments are available up to 24hours in advance.


How does this work?

Step 1 Registering for your coaching call: We learn about you.

During the registration process we’re going to ask you questions about you, your career phase and what you’re hoping to accomplish in this program. Examples include:

  • I'm looking for a job / board role and need help with getting in the consideration set.

  • I'm looking for a job and have interviews and want to make sure I'm fully prepared.

  • I am starting a new job and want to make the best first impression.

  • I am ready for a promotion and need help with leveling up.

  • I've just received a promotion and want to maximize the opportunity.

  • I'm going to a conference and want to optimize my networking.

  • I'm looking to elevate my personal leadership.

  • I want to figure out what I'm known for professionally.

And last but not least,

  • I need help articulating why you’re uniquely awesome and how to share it with others.

Step 2 Preparing for your coaching call: Doing some market evaluation

The truth is, you are already known for something, and we need to know what it is.

We’ll send you specific instructions based on your registration information with how to collect information about what you’re already known for.

Bonus for you - every person we’ve had go through this process (and we’ve had over 1000 to date) has commented that while this step initially seems overwhelming when they complete it 100% of clients have commented on how great they already feel.

Step 3 Your personal coaching call with Joanna: Let’s create your awesome!

Couple of things you need to know about your coaching call:

- They are 45 mins in length. Every call is recorded so a) You don’t have to take notes and b) The language Joanna creates is captured .

- You’re guaranteed that Joanna will craft at least one unique, authentic, compelling statement for you based all the information you provide.

- Frequently Joanna will recommend specific follow up tools (email templates or worksheets) appropriate for your situation. This are included in this experience.

Step 4 Amplifying You!

With your final transcript you’ll also receive instructions on how to take your new language out into the world with specific instructions based on your unique needs. Our goal is for you to hear your unique value, believe it and now be able to share it with the people who can help you manifest your future.