Hello hello!

If you’ve not already figured it out, Joanna is a  pretty chatty person. Put her in a room full of strangers and she’s in her element. This way of life has been consistent for her most of her life. There is no such thing, in her world, as too many friends. With the exception of one place. Airplanes.

If you sit next to Joanna on a plane it’s quite possible she won’t say a word the entire time. She doesn’t even speak much to the flight attendants. Yes, it’s weird but it’s what she does. 

Several years ago, however, Joanna was on a flight from New York to San Francisco, or the other way around, either way, she had a 5-6 hour flight ahead of her. She boarded the plane and learned, as one does, that they were going to be stuck at the gate for a while. As a seasoned traveler, Joanna don’t freak out too much at this point. There’s not much you can do other than pass the time. 

As she was sitting there Joanna noticed the woman next to me was making custom note cards. The designs were these simple but colorful geometric shapes all overlapping. They were quite lovely. Now you have to understand that this was also before the whole “coloring phase” hit with a vengeance so this was an unusual sight to see. Joanna remarked on how pretty they were and asked the woman why she started. This simple and quiet question lead to a multi-hour conversation and someone else who Joanna now consider a dear friend. 

What’s exciting about meeting this amazing woman is that she’s opened Joanna’s world up to all sorts of new experiences and ideas. She’s introduced Joanna to people whose path I would have never crossed before. Just because Joanna asked a question.

Really all we’ve told you is a story of the beginning of a relationship. A relationship that started with a long and curiosity-driven conversation. Talk to any successful person you know and they’ll tell you the hallmark to success is relationships. Relationships THEN hard work.

And here’s the truth. Relationships happen when you reach out to people with genuine curiosity and no agenda other than to learn about them. It’s very simple.

So your challenge this week is to identify someone you’d like to know better. We’d really love it if the person scares you a little. 

Tell them that you’d like to get to know them better and ask if they’d be up for a coffee. Not everyone will say yes. That’s ok and don’t give up if they do, you don’t know what they have going on in their life. Just ask someone else. The only goal, meet and learn about someone you didn’t know yesterday. That’s all.



“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

- Albert Einstein