Help a friend find their awesome!


What an amazing gift to kick off the new year.

Do you have a friend who needs a bit of the Jo Jo magic? Do they need a personal strategy to kick of their New Year with a plan? A plan that will help them get:

 ... assigned to that key project.         ... the promotion/raise.       ... hired for the job.

If they’re preparing for a job interview, a promotion, or a raise discussion and want to  articulate your value but are struggling with how let me help them. 

So how does this work and what will your friend get?

  1. We’ll send your friend a message letting them know you’ve gifted them a session with information on what to expect and how to sign up. We’ll copy you if you want or it can be anonymous.

  2. They get to schedule their 30 minute appointment using our online tools so they can schedule at their convenience.

  3. Your recipient will get simple prep-work to maximize their session. Call it a kind nudge.

  4. During the call your friend & Joanna collaborate to create a powerful value statement & implementation plan. She’ll customize the plan based on their unique situation.

Each  $300.00 session includes the following:

  • 30-minute personalized session with Joanna, customized to the individuals goals.

  • Full transcript of the call and customized follow up notes.

  • Next steps on how to take what they’ve learned and apply the concepts immediately.

    • How to practice and get actionable feedback.

    • How to apply to your LinkedIn Profile, resume and other digital assets.