16,380 hours

That, awesome and inquisitive friends, is the number of hours you spent in school by the time you graduated High School. Add the four years of College/ University and you can bump that number up to about 21,420.

Now help us with this math equation. We’ve popped out a handy calculator, because as good as our long division is... We’re all for saving time.

The # of years you’ve been out of school = x

The # of hours you spend per week learning new things that aren’t in your job description/part of your role* = y

52(x*y) = z

What does z come out to for you?

Don’t beat yourself up, ours were pretty low numbers too. And yet, we know that you are an inquisitive person. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.

But aren’t we all better when we learn something new? So, this week we want you to go out there and learn about something you don’t understand. We’re not asking you to get your Ph.D. Just give yourself the gift of a bit of schooling. You can listen to a podcast, read an article, audit a MOOC from your favorite University. Want to really push the boundaries? Go ask someone who understands the topic you want to learn. Ask them to lunch then put your student hat on. It’s amazing what you’ll learn.

We’re serious about that last one. 

Joanna once walked into a friends kitchen and asked her husband if he knew about “Quantum stuff.” He thought she was joking originally (he has a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics - she was mortified) but then over a salad parried with her until she understood the basics. 

Joanna may not ever go beyond the basics, but at least she gets the concept of Schrodinger’s Cat. 


*This does not include binge-watching The Tudors or Chernobyl. That doesn’t count. Those are fiction based on fact. Fiction.


“I am still learning.” -Michelangelo