We all tell stories about ourselves all the time. Have you ever been to one of those networking events and the question, “Tell us something about yourself,” comes up? Haven’t you noticed that most people answer with their title and what they do? 

Every once in a while someone actually shares something truly interesting. How much more fun is that?

The problem is that we never quite know when these events will happen and when you need to come up with a story. And of course, you’re going to come up with a story because you don’t want to be boring.

This week we challenge you to come up with at least two stories that tell us something about you. Go a little further and create a little reminder note (or two) and put them in your wallet/purse so when you need it you have a story there at your fingertips.

Example (and yes it’s a true story): Joanna had to learn to ride a unicycle for a musical. She was crap at it… still is, but it was fun to learn.

See? A tiny bit more interesting. You’re full of interesting stories.



“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” -Walt Disney