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If you’ve gone through one of Joanna’s workshops, you’ll know that she can dole out some tough love. Why? Because nobody wants to spend time and money with someone and come out the other end just average. So Joanna calls out examples of average.

One of the most prevalent examples of average we see often is asking for a connection on LinkedIn. So often we receive the generic “I want to connect with you on LinkedIn” message from people.


While it’s lovely that you want to connect, the message you’re sending is “I can’t be bothered.” I can’t be bothered to personalize my message to you. You’re saying that the person you’re trying to connect with is not worth the extra 60 seconds it takes to say SOMETHING original.

Folks, not taking the time to send a personalized message is missing a HUGE opportunity.

And then this week someone blew our mind; blew our mind because she wrote probably the most personal and best LinkedIn connection request we’ve seen to date. With her permission, we will share it and explain why we think it’s perfect.

This is a snapshot of the request:

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 9.55.22 PM.png

You must agree that’s a pretty outstanding connection request. What jumps out to us are the following four aspects:

  1. The language is far from generic.

  2. By mentioning the speed mentoring event, she subtly reminds us of where we met.

  3. By mentioning blockchain and cryptocurrency, she reminds us of what we talked about.

  4. While she said thank you at the beginning, writing that she has “a lot to think about” is a lovely way of saying thank you for your time.

We now have four talking points that we can use in a discussion about her in a room she’s not in:

  1. She has an impeccable follow-up.

  2. She thinks about others before herself.

  3. If you want to talk about blockchain and/or cryptocurrencies, you should speak to her.

  4. Her name, her company, what she does. (Redacted but not forgotten.)

This is the kind of introduction you’d want right? From a short yet carefully crafted LinkedIn connection request.

So, your challenge this week is to use the opportunity of a Linkedin connection request as leverage in crafting the story told about you in a room you’re not in.

When connecting with people anywhere, it’s the little things that count. You work so hard to make a great impression, isn’t the extra 60 seconds of effort worth it?

Is there someone that you have a professional crush on? Connect with them on LinkedIn and send a personalized, unique message with the request.

Every decision made about you and your opportunities is made in a room you’re not in.



““Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.”

-Ernest Hemingway