Let me shift your language from today’s one-dimensional labels

to the memorable multidimensional person you are.

I want to create a bold and compelling answer to why you’re uniquely awesome.

You need your very own amplification statement.

Every decision made about you and your opportunities is made in a room you’re not in..png

How does a coaching session with Joanna work? It’s four fast, effective and impactful steps.

Step 1: Know - What makes you uniquely awesome? I help you figure out what it is.

Step 2: Believe - You need to have confidence without arrogance.

Step 3: Teach - the key to being known for something is teaching someone else your value.

Step 4: Amplify - How to apply your value statement to manifest your goals.

At the end of the 30 min session we’ll have an unique, authentic and compelling value statement. This includes custom language that clearly explains:

  • What do you tell people you do? / What are you known for?

  • an elevator pitch version of your value

  • Guidance on how to amplify you.

I’m here to give you coaching when you need it most.

  • New job

  • Promotion

  • Career Pivot

  • Board Role

  • Professional Platform

  • Key Executive Meeting

  • Professional Confidence

Figuring out how to share your awesomeness, amplify yourself in a way that isn’t a tacky self-promotion, is the only way to solve this problem..png