Hello hello!

I’m sure when we ask the question “What problems are you great at solving?” your initial reaction is to say something like:

  • Strategic problems

  • Complex problems

  • Problems that require working across teams/stakeholders.

Sound familiar? Well if you don’t know already, we are never ok with the standard answers. 

So here comes your challenge for this week. 

???? Take the time to pay attention so when you’re particularly engaged in a conversation. Specifically, when are you not only contributing to a conversation but almost wish you had time to say more. ???

For example, Joanna loves solving efficiency problems with technology. She can almost “seeing” how systems could be connected and used to make something work better. Better yet, if it makes it more accurate and tells a data story at the end, it’s even better.

If you want to be a super overachiever on this exercise, ask someone you work with what kind of problems you’re uniquely good at solving. Getting some third-party perspective is always helpful in this process.

Did you learn something new about yourself?

Now here’s the where we’re going to ask you to up the ante:

The next time you see your direct manager we want you to say the following:

“Hi insert manager’s name here, I was just challenged to come up with a way to describe what kind of problems I’m uniquely good at solving. I think mine is insert the problem you’re great at solving here. Do you see the same thing or something different?”

Just one problem. Not 10. Just one. It may be no more than a five-minute conversation, but don’t you want to hear the answer to the question?



“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” -Albert Einstein