When you were 5 or 6 years old, we’re sure someone asked you what you were going to be when you grew up. That awesome little person had a confident answer. We have no doubt.

We also want to remind you, if we were sitting down for a glass of cold [insert beverage] of your choice and we asked, “So where do you think [insert your profession] is going?” you would also have an answer. Maybe not as confident as your 5-year-old self but you’d still have an answer.

Being able to imagine the future is one of the most human of traits. Ergo we all have the ability to envision.

You see where we’re going with this.

Here’s the good news. If you look back at predictions you’ve made in the past you’re usually right. There’s that whole “self-fulfilling prophecy” thing too.

So this week’s challenge is two-fold.

  1. We want you to make a note in your calendar tool of choice for a year from now. Write down your predictions of what has changed for you professionally. You can put as much or as little detail in there as you want. We just want you to write it down.

  2. Now, and this bit is a tiny bit more nerve-wracking, we want you to invite a friend over for that same date to celebrate the vision you created. You can, of course, invite as many people as you want. And yes, they will probably want to know what the heck you’re doing. But we give you total permission to share or not share as much about what you’re doing as you want.

Have fun with this.

We’d love to see photo proof of the party in the future, so if you can tag @joannabloor and #icreatedthefuture in your post we’d love to see it, you visionary.



"Vision without execution is hallucination."

- Thomas Edison